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In semiconductor manufacturing, the strip step removes residual photoresist. Precision control of power in plasma etching is critical to ensure flawless stripping of the wafer surface, leaving it free of any potential defects.

Precision Power Control for Flawless Wafer Stripping

Removing leftover photoresist material is essential to ensure high-quality products. Advanced Energy's portfolio of plasma power delivery systems, AC/DC and DC/DC front-end power supplies, and rack systems deliver the precision power required to remove photoresist material in a controlled and efficient manner.

Our products are designed with a relentless focus on optimizing efficiency and power density to reduce total cost of ownership, while ensuring reliable and high-uptime operation. With a wide range of industry-standard board-mounted power modules used extensively by OEMs and system integrators, AE offers the flexibility and scalability semiconductor manufacturers need to meet the demands of strip processes.


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