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CT equipment manufacturers are building products with higher resolution, reduced size, increased reliability, and accurate detection. Power solutions for such equipment needs to be designed with low profile components with low centers of gravity to minimize mechanical stress. Advanced Energy's broad portfolio of high and low voltage power supplies are ideal for use in CT equipment. They are ruggedized to withstand extremes in shock and vibration and our compact fanless solutions eliminate fan noise.
With the overall advancements in detector technologies for these medical systems, there is a need for efficient, high-power density solutions that keep size to a minimum, heat dissipation low, offer good EMC performance, reduce ongoing energy costs, and simplify cooling overheads. And as these systems are expected to operate continually 24/7, reliability and ease of maintenance is also an important consideration—both inside the cabinet, as well as for the gantry parts and the patient handling system. Advanced Energy is a leader in power supply design for CT equipments and can offer the right solution that ensures maximum uptime in the field.


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