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Keep Product Launches on Track

Solve design challenges and complete pre-compliance testing at our Customer Experience Centers

Our Customer Experience Centers (CECs) are your one-stop shop for all your design and testing needs. From pinpointing issues and prototype sampling to pre-compliance testing for entire systems, our engineers can help you meet deadlines and budgets.

1Problem identification
2Real-time tests
3Detailed analyses

You have access to a global network of experts to provide support at any point of the design lifecycle: selection, qualification, integration and modification. CEC teams provide competitive studies and technical benchmarking reports that help customers make critical design decisions, speed prototyping activity, ensure successful configuration and late-point customization.

Our global network offers:

  1. Rapid problem identification with sophisticated EMC, semi-anechoic EMI, thermal and electronic test equipment
  2. Real-time tests ranging from DC load emulation and failure analysis to functional tests, thermal tests and pre-compliance tests
  3. Detailed analyses that empower our customers to make critical design decisions
You have a point of contact for rapid access to the small product volumes needed for fast product development. 

Radiated emission testing in Anechoic chamber.

ESD (Electrostatic Dischage) Testing

DVT (Design Verification Testing) and functional testing

ATE (Automating Testing Equipment) test station

Learn more about how our CECs can help you with your design and testing needs.

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Types of Modifications

Primary & Secondary Firmware Changes
  • Under Voltage lockout
  • Start up current limit
  • Output voltage set point
  • Constant current profile
  • Constant power profile
  • Analog signal changes
  • Sequencing
  • Protection set point
  • Fan speed
Hardware Changes
  • Connectors
  • Input / output cables
  • Low-noise fan
  • Reverse airflow (fan)
  • Extended temperature
  • Mounting plates / brackets
  • EMI filters
  • Output filters
  • Hold up capacitors
Custom Enclosures
  • Customer-defined enclosure
  • Interconnect
  • Circuit breakers
  • Singles
  • Cooling
  • IP65/IP67
  • Interlock
  • Handles
  • Color
Communication Tools
  • ModBus
  • CanBus
  • Ethernet
  • Ethercat
  • WiFi
  • USB
  • I2C
Environmental Safety Certifications
  • Conformal coating
  • Shock and vibration
  • Ruggedization
  • E-cap life upgrade
  • Demonstrated MTBF
  • BSMI safety
  • PSE safety
  • KC safety

Here’s where you can find Advanced Energy CECs

Sharon, Massachusetts

Design, Sales, Service, Manufacturing

SL Power

6 Merchant St. Suite 2

Sharon, MA USA 02067

Little Island, Cork, Ireland

Service, Sales

Excelsys Technologies Ltd.

27 Eastgate Business Park

Cork, Ireland 903

Caesarea, Israel

Sales, Service, Design

Advanced Energy Industries Israel Ltd.

19 Tarshish Street, Caesarea Industrial Park

Caesarea, Israel 38900