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Plasma Processes and Materials

Advanced Energy is a trailblazer in plasma processing and materials solutions, raising the bar in semiconductor fabrication through our vast expertise. We offer specialized products meticulously created to simplify the intricacies of high-tech manufacturing processes such as etching, deposition, and silicon carbide processing. The precision and reliability of our power supplies and matching networks help ensure stable plasma generation and maintenance, resulting in uniform etching and deposition rates.

Empowering Innovation with Plasma Processing and Materials Solutions

Advanced Energy has harnessed our extensive expertise to pioneer high-performance plasma processing and materials solutions, designed to elevate the standards of semiconductor fabrication. Our specialized products are purpose-built to streamline a variety of complex, high-tech manufacturing processes, including critical steps such as etching, deposition, and silicon carbide processing. Our high-accuracy, high-reliability power supplies and matching networks are engineered for steady and efficient plasma generation and maintenance, leading to consistent etching and deposition rates. This precise control is key to achieving superior manufacturing outcomes, characterized by high quality and uniformity in end products.

Diving deeper into Silicon Carbide (SiC) power device manufacturing, we have leveraged our knowledge and skills to become a leader in this specialized field. SiC devices are increasingly significant in various sectors, including power electronics, automotive, and renewable energy industries, due to their unique electrical and thermal properties. Our sophisticated power systems enable unprecedented control over SiC fabrication processes, thereby minimizing defects and ensuring superior performance. 
Our solutions provide efficient cooling, leading to enhanced device longevity and reliability, even under demanding operating conditions. This dual approach—precision power control and efficient thermal management—demonstrates our unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of advanced material processing technologies, ultimately supporting the success and growth of our customers in the fast-paced semiconductor industry.

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