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Automated Test Equipment (ATE)

Advanced Energy stands as a leading provider of power conversion solutions catering to the worldwide Automated Test Equipment (ATE) sector. AE specializes in offering exceptionally efficient, customizable, and modular solutions for the transformation of alternating current (AC) into low-voltage direct current (DC). With our adaptable solutions, you can seamlessly accommodate a wide range of input/output voltage configurations and power ratings, tailoring them precisely to suit your unique requirements.

Boost Your Automated Testing with Advanced Energy's Power Conversion Solutions 

Reliable and efficient power conversion solutions are indispensable in the realm of automated testing, catering to the demands of Automated Test Equipment (ATE). Advanced Energy, as a premier supplier of power conversion solutions in the global ATE market, possesses both the products and expertise essential for testing various ICs, including memory, mixed-signal and digital devices.   

Ever-increasing demands and complexity of applications and products means that automated (or automatic) test equipment (ATE) must keep pace with the products to be tested. Electrical noise is a major concern because the speed and accuracy of test equipment rest greatly on its ability to minimize noise and keep it away from the sensitive electronics which sample and report the data that the equipment is designed to measure. Complex technology such as functional testers, optical and x-ray inspection equipment forms an integral part of the electronics manufacturing process. 

Our product line consists of high-efficiency configurable, modular solutions, adept at converting AC to low-voltage DC, thereby offering the flexibility to accommodate diverse combinations of input/output voltage and power ratings. Moreover, our portfolio includes bulk AC-DC converters, isolated DC-DC converters, and non-isolated Point-of-Load (POL) converters. AE’s rack mount series provides convenient dynamic rotary controls for voltage and current adjustment. The power supplies also come with rear ports that allow remote control via USB, Ethernet, and analog control inputs and they are designed to offer either bench use or rack mounting. Advanced Energy power supplies are designed for easy integration into automated test equipment systems. 


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