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3D Printing

With a deep understanding of precision-driven processes, Advanced Energy helps 3D printer manufacturers achieve high levels of accuracy and repeatability. We offer an expansive array of power conversion and process control solutions tailored for the specific requirements of 3D printing.

Revolutionize Industrial 3D Printing with Advanced Energy's Precision Power Solutions

As the demand for complex and customized parts grows, industrial 3D printing is becoming an increasingly vital manufacturing technology. At the heart of these systems are highly-engineered electromechanical components that require precise power and control to achieve the desired part geometries with high levels of accuracy and repeatability.

Industrial 3D printers are extremely complex systems which may use various combinations of lasers, nozzle jest, extruders, motors, heaters, chillers, actuators, optics, sensors and displays. All of the components require different voltages and power levels. AE’s Artesyn multi-output, configurable AC-DC power solutions can address these myriad power requirements.

Advanced Energy offers 3D printer manufacturers a broad range of power conversion and process control solutions to ensure that their systems deliver the precision and performance required for industrial applications. Our solutions cover a wide output power range and voltage options, with a relentless focus on optimizing efficiency and power density to reduce total cost of ownership.

3D printing configurable power supply