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Open Compute Project Power Solutions

Advanced Energy's power products are the perfect solution for Open Compute Project (OCP), a collaborative community committed to redesigning hardware technology to support growing demands on compute infrastructure. Our power products enable simplified architectures for ODMs, facilitating rapid deployment of non-proprietary data center solutions.

Revolutionize Your Compute Infrastructure with Advanced Energy's Open Compute Solutions

The Open Compute Project (OCP) has revolutionized the hardware technology industry, creating a collaborative community that works to redesign technology to efficiently support the growing demands on compute infrastructure. Advanced Energy is proud to be a part of this community and offer power solutions that enable simplified architectures for Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs), allowing for the rapid deployment of non-proprietary data center solutions.

Our portfolio of OCP-compliant AC-DC Front-end power supplies and rack system solutions cover a wide output power range, with options for both 12 and 48 V output voltage, and we have a relentless focus on optimizing efficiency and power density to reduce total cost of ownership. At Advanced Energy, we understand the importance of reliability and uptime, and we ensure our products meet these expectations, so your compute infrastructure is always operating at its best.

Our portfolio also includes a range of DC-DC converters that are OCP-compliant, covering industry-standard form factors and power ratings. These products are designed to provide reliable and efficient power to high-performance computing applications in data centers, while also meeting OCP's strict design and performance standards. Advanced Energy is committed to supporting OCP's mission of promoting open and energy-efficient computing, and we work closely with our customers to deliver customized power solutions that meet their specific OCP-compliance needs.


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