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LED luminaires have replaced high-pressure sodium (HPS) lamps when supplementing natural light in large greenhouses. This setup can be further improved by eliminating individual AC/DC drivers for LED luminaires and directly supplying power via Advanced Energy's centralized system installed separately from the growing area.

Transform Your Greenhouse Operations with Advanced Energy's High-Voltage DC Bus System

Greenhouses are the perfect solution for growers looking to optimize growing conditions for specific plant crops. With equipment including screening, heating, cooling, and lighting installations, modern greenhouses are computer-controlled to regulate climatic conditions like temperature and humidity. But what about lighting? Traditional broad-spectrum lighting sources like high-pressure sodium (HPS) lamps are no longer the best solution.

Excess heat can be managed seasonally—vented externally in the summer or directed into the growing area in winter. Distributing DC to LED fixtures offers a grid- and budget-friendly solution with high Power Factor and low Total Harmonic Distortion. Utilizing high voltage leads to thinner power conduction wiring, reducing costs and distribution structure weight. Moreover, lower currents significantly decrease wiring losses.

By supplying power directly to the luminaire, our centralized system solutions provide a grid- and budget-friendly solution with high power factor and low total harmonic distortion. And with thinner power conduction wiring and significantly reduced wiring losses, our system can reduce costs and weight on the distribution structure.

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