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Reliable operation and optimal performance are key factors to consider when designing analyzer power supplies. The power supply must be capable of delivering clean, stable power to the device, with minimal noise and interference. This is particularly important for sensitive measurements, where even slight variations in power quality can affect the accuracy of the results. As a leading provider of high and low voltage power supplies, Advanced Energy is the perfect partner to provide technical expertise and complete power conversion solutions. From the AC input to the tightly regulated DC outputs, we meet the challenges facing the analyzers equipment manufacturers.
Advanced Energy power supplies used in life science analyzers are designed to be highly precise and reliable, with advanced control systems that allow for precise adjustments to the output voltage and current. This level of control ensures that the device operates within a specified range of parameters, allowing for accurate and repeatable results. High degrees output voltage accuracy is paramount, particularly in high-voltage outputs (from 60V up to 10kV). Additionally, some life science analyzers may require a power supply that is capable of delivering a pulsed current. A pulsed current power supply delivers current in short pulses or bursts, which can be useful for certain types of experiments, such as electrophoresis. 

Life science analyzers have specific voltage and current requirements, and the power supply should be able to maintain stable output voltage and current, even under varying load conditions. Precision and control are essential when working with sensitive biological samples. A power supply with high precision and tight regulation ensures that the output voltage and current remains stable, which is necessary for accurate and reliable measurements. Advanced Energy understands the requirements for analyzers and has a reputation for producing high quality and reliable power supplies that can provide a stable output voltage. We also offer modified and custom solutions for your specific needs.