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Aesthetic Lasers

The design of aesthetic laser systems present numerous challenges, particularly in ensuring portability and compactness. This requirement forces the power delivery, control, and monitoring systems to be not only compact but also lightweight. In these applications, the power density of the AC-DC power supplies becomes a critical parameter. Advanced Energy collaborates closely with leading aesthetic laser OEMs, supplying AC-DC power, capacitor chargers, and high-voltage DC-DC products that cater to the specific system power needs.

The use of lasers in medical equipment is increasing, with a greater adoption particularly in aesthetic treatments. This expanded utilization of medical lasers introduces more complex system design challenges for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). With an increasing number of treatments taking place in clinics and surgeries, the importance of portability, compactness, and weight reduction for end-customer equipment is more pronounced than ever. Minimizing acoustic noise in these environments is essential to maximize patient comfort during treatments. The main challenge within the aesthetic laser industry is to source power supplies that are fanless, suitable for use in portable devices, and provide multiple output voltages while maintaining a high-power density. 

Advanced Energy's power supplies are specifically designed for demanding medical and cosmetic laser applications. They enable laser manufacturers to optimize designs for high performance, reliability, and regulatory compliance. The platform nature of our low voltage products allows scaling up to higher power applications. The same foundational design can power a wide range of customer medical and aesthetic laser products, including skin treatment and tattoo removal equipment. Our expertise in high voltage applications enables us to address the capacitor charging needs for IPL, laser, and laser diode applicators. We have several fanless and low noise power solutions which reduce acoustic noise.

Powering medical lasers and power requirements for aesthetic lasers.