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Optical Transport

Advanced Energy's power conversion products have earned the trust of the largest optical-equipment OEMs for their optical transport solutions. We understand that reliable and efficient networking equipment is crucial for high-speed movement of data packets along optical fibers, and our products deliver high-uptime and reliability. Our diverse range of power conversion solutions includes AC-DC and DC-DC front-end options, hot-pluggable and open-frame models, with output voltage options of both 12 and 48 V and prioritize efficiency and power density.

Maximize Your Data Transfer with Advanced Energy's Optical Transport Solutions

Optical transport networks are critical for the high-speed movement of data packets along optical fibers. With a need for high uptime and reliability, Advanced Energy has been the trusted power conversion partner for the largest optical equipment OEMs for many years. Our portfolio of AC-DC and DC-DC front-end solutions covers a wide output power range, with options for both 12 and 48 V output voltage. Our solutions are available in both hot-pluggable and open-frame models, providing flexibility for a variety of applications.

At Advanced Energy, we prioritize optimizing efficiency and power density to reduce the total cost of ownership for our customers. Our portfolio of industry-standard isolated and non-isolated board-mounted power modules and point-of-loads are used extensively by OEMs and system integrators. By partnering with us, you can trust that you will receive the best power conversion products on the market, ensuring that your optical transport networks will function at optimal levels with minimized downtime.

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