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Within the surgical lasers industry, the primary challenge is finding power supplies that offer precision power control, low acoustic noise, compatibility with portable devices, and the capability to provide multiple output voltages while maintaining high-power density. The industry is also witnessing a rise in surgical procedures, resulting in rapid and continuous product development cycles. Advanced Energy has a track record of high reliability in continuous-use applications and the ability to produce complex products quickly. This allows us to facilitate the swift development and deployment of customer systems.
The medical laser industry presents an urgent need for compact, portable systems with low noise. At Advanced Energy, we understand these requirements and provide reliable, high-performance power solutions that are flexible enough for a variety of surgical laser equipment. In response to the demand for smaller, mobile equipment, we offer a range of compact power supplies. These are designed with high power density and reliability, and they can supply single or multiple outputs for different equipment needs. We also have fanless and low noise power solutions to reduce acoustic noise.

Advanced Energy's low voltage products can be scaled up for higher power needs. We can also address the needs of IPL, laser, and laser diode applicators with our expertise in high voltage. We have been a trusted partner of the world's leading surgical equipment suppliers, providing reliable AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies for their evolving equipment.

Powering medical lasers and power requirements for surgical lasers.