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5G Network Power Solutions

Your Global Partner for 5G Network Power Solutions

Advanced Energy's Artesyn product line delivers custom solutions and standard products to power wireless networks and has, since the dawn of mobile communications. The very first cellular networks were powered by Artesyn telecom power supply units, rectifiers, and DC-DC modules. With power conversion solutions installed in mobile networks throughout the world, Advanced Energy is the trusted power conversion supply partner of large network equipment providers and smaller innovators for radio access networks, edge networks, aggregation layer solutions, backhaul, and optical and core network equipment.

With the rollout of 5G, cellular networks require more small cells than previous generations. These small cell-base stations deliver enhanced mobile broadband, low latency, and reliable service to users. 

Advanced Energy's fanless AC-DC solutions are ideal for remote radio heads. With one of the widest ranges of telecom DC-DC solutions, these solutions deliver the efficiency, density, reliability, and quality needed for the new small cell-base stations.

Powering Your Connection: Advanced Energy's Access Networks Solutions

Increasing the speed, resilience and scalability of your access network is more critical than ever, as the innovations in telecommunications have expanded the capabilities of Radio Access Networks (RAN). Keep your access network at the leading edge of power technology with Advanced Energy’s DC-DC telecom and access power supplies.

From mobile access networks to baseband units, Advanced Energy's power conversion products have been trusted by some of the largest telecom equipment providers and smaller innovators around the world. With installations in 3G, 4G/LTE, and the latest 5G networks, our solutions provide reliable and efficient power to access network equipment, even in the harshest environments where downtime is not an option. Choose from a growing portfolio of gallium nitride (GaN) power amplifiers, an extensive range of industry-standard brick-type isolated DC-DC converters, open-frame, and enclosed configurations–your power solution of choice for emerging multi-access (formerly mobile) edge computing (MEC) equipment.

Our wide range of AC-DC and DC-DC front-end solutions offer options for both 12 and 48 V output voltage, with a relentless focus on optimizing efficiency and power density to reduce total cost of ownership. Additionally, our portfolio includes conduction cooled IP-60 AC-DC power solutions to ensure optimal performance in even the most demanding applications.

We offer an extensive range of isolated converters, covering industry-standard form factors and numerous power ratings. We also produce specialist half-brick and full-brick models for RF applications. Advanced Energy's fanless AC-DC solutions are ideal for remote radio heads.

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