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Advanced Energy Customer Solutions Lab

Your Thin-Film Process Development Partner
Easily test a variety of power configurations on an industrial coater.

Collaborate with Advanced Energy researchers, engineers, and technicians to innovate the future of thin films.

AE’s state-of-the-art Customer Solutions Lab in Karlstein, Germany, offers a range of vacuum-based plasma processing equipment for customer use. It provides hands-on experience with AE products on deposition tools for:
  • Process troubleshooting
  • Process innovation
  • Training

Customer Partnership
Troubleshoot, research, and develop thin-film processes in partnership with AE experts. Their insights into process techniques and equipment help you develop complete tools that deliver useful, measurable advances.

Lab Facilities
  1. Industrial drum coater

  1. Pyrometers
  2. Oscilloscope
  3. Optical emission spectroscopy
  4. Residual gas analyzer
  5. Thermocouples
  6. Ellipsometer
  7. Film stress measurement tool
  8. Profilometer
  9. 4-point probe for electrical resistivity
  1. Sputter targets
  2. Gases
  3. Substrates
  1. Analytical lab
  2. Training space

The lab’s industrial and optical vacuum coaters enable a variety of capabilities for thin-film deposition:
  • Single- and dual-magnetron sputtering (SMS and DMS)
  • DC and pulsed DC up to 150/350 kHz
  • Bipolar pulsing up to 150 kHz
  • Dynamic Reverse Pulsing (DRP)
  • Anode applications
  • HiPIMS capabilities
  • Drum bias (RF, DC, pulsed DC, HiPIMS)
  • PowerInsight by Advanced EnergyTM

Research and Training