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Flat Panel Display

As the race for larger, higher-resolution displays intensifies, so does the demand for impeccable quality. Advanced Energy's solutions for FPD fabrication help boost yield and enhance film quality while minimizing manufacturing costs. From plasma power delivery to temperature measurement and control, our innovative flat panel display manufacturing products have been meticulously developed for reliable top-tier performance and cost efficiency.

We offer unique power delivery control parameters and flexible standards for film quality, paired with cost-optimizing options tailored to your needs. This enables improved throughput and minimizes disruption, driving production efficiency forward.

Precision-Powered Flat Panel Displays

Leveraging decades of industry expertise and a network of global support sites, our comprehensive power supply portfolio—encompassing DC, pulsed-DC, and low-frequency AC units—stands ready to cater to the precision power requirements of your screen technologies.

Advanced Energy takes pride in developing innovative flat panel display manufacturing solutions that serve a wide array of industries. As a leading provider of sputtering process power, our portfolio includes DC, pulsed-DC, and low-frequency AC units. Supported globally, these offerings ensure optimal performance and cost efficiency. Our unique power delivery control parameters and adaptable power waveform control promote higher throughput and differentiated film quality, establishing us as a key partner in flat panel display manufacturing.

AE's Arc Management System (AMS) technology minimizes arc energy, ensuring a stable, repeatable process, which leads to enhanced film quality, increased yields, and reduced costs. Whether working with ITO, IMI, IGZO, or metal, our products guarantee precise performance parameters and customizable power delivery. With features such as precision pulsing and multi-tier arc management, we facilitate unmatched process stability and control for tailored film characteristics.


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