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Industrial and Collaborative Robots

Conventional industrial robots like articulated, SCARA and delta robots have been indispensable in the manufacturing industries. They have enabled mass production, driving down costs and increasing efficiency.

Power your collaborative robots with AE's AC-DC and DC-DC solutions

The newest evolution in industrial robotics is the collaborative robot or cobot. Cobots are changing the automation landscape as they work side-by-side with humans. Industrial and medical cobots perform tasks safely and accurately and are flexible in what they can do. And, now they are more affordable for smaller and mid-sized manufacturers. 

We have expert knowledge of power supply robotics and in the power conversion challenges required in robotic designs. Our product portfolio of AC-DC power supplies, DC-DC converters, and other board-mounted solutions provide the reliability and efficiency you need to power your robotic revolution.

Our power supplies are designed to be easily modifiable. So, if our standard products don't provide an exact fit, we offer quick-turn electrical and mechanical modifications to meet your specific requirements. We can easily modify firmware or hardware in the power supplies to decrease your time to market. We offer FAE help with robot power supply design.

Power supplies used for robots