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Semiconductor Test

Advanced Energy is a primary supplier of power conversion solutions to the global semiconductor market. AE offers high-efficiency configurable, modular solutions for converting AC to low-voltage DC. We provide products designed to facilitate distributed power architecture designs. This range includes bulk AC-DC converters, isolated DC-DC converters, and non-isolated Point-of-Load (POL) converters. Our versatile solutions can handle any combination of input/output voltage and power rating to address your specific needs. 

Boost Your Semiconductor Testing with Advanced Energy's Power Conversion Solutions

When it comes to semiconductor testing, reliable and efficient power conversion solutions are essential to meet the demands of the semiconductor test equipment. As a leading supplier of power conversion solutions for the global semiconductor market, Advanced Energy has the products and expertise needed to test memory, mixed-signal, digital, and System-on-a-Chip (SoC) ICs at both the wafer and packaged levels.

Semiconductor test equipment, is used to verify proper operation of the device-under-test, usually a wafer which may contain hundreds or thousands of circuits. Needle-like probes are contacted to an individual device, with test results recorded and sent as a traveler for the next process step.

Our high-efficiency configurable, modular solutions range from AC to low-voltage DC, offering the flexibility to accommodate any combination of input/output voltage and power rating. Additionally, our bulk AC-DC, isolated DC-DC, and non-isolated Point-of-Load (POL) converters are designed to enable distributed power architecture designs.

Delivering exceptional performance and reliability, Advanced Energy's power conversion solutions ensure the provision of reliable and efficient power required for thorough and accurate semiconductor testing.


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