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RF Power Sensing

Making accurate RF power measurements requires special tools. Advanced Energy specializes in making RF power measurements for critical applications. We offer several solutions to make RF power measurements easier and make them more accurately. 

Technical Documentation

Title Type
AN217: Measuring Temperature Compensating Thermistors with the TEGAM Model 1830A RF Power Meter (250 KB) Application Note
CE Declaration of Conformity for 1505A (75 KB) Certificate
CE Declaration of Conformity for 2505A (77 KB) Certificate
EU Declaration of Conformity for 1830A (90 KB) Certificate
1314 Datasheet (270 KB) Data Sheet
1505A 2505A Datasheet (334 KB) Data Sheet
1510/2510A Datasheet (457 KB) Data Sheet
1830A Data Sheet (369 KB) Data Sheet
2601A Datasheet (145 KB) Data Sheet
2602A Datasheet (220 KB) Data Sheet
2818A Datasheet (429 KB) Data Sheet
Gemini 5540A Datasheet (529 KB) Data Sheet
HPC Datasheet (549 KB) Data Sheet
PMX Datasheet (2 MB) Data Sheet
PMX18-CS Datasheet (404 KB) Data Sheet
1316A-901 Quick Start Guide (753 KB) Guide
1830A Cable Connection Guide (273 KB) Guide
1830A Quick Start Guide (558 KB) Guide
5541A Quick Start Guide (580 KB) Guide
GEMINI Tools Quick Start Guide (236 KB) Guide
Procedure for Performance Testing and Calibration of a Power Meter’s 50 MHz Reference (118 KB) Guide
PS-Cal Parameter Descriptions (259 KB) Guide
Thermistor Power Meter Comparison Chart (52 KB) Guide
1830A Firmware Release Notes (545 KB) Installation Note
PS-Cal Installation Instructions (36 KB) Installation Note
PS-Cal� Installation / Update Instructions (382 KB) Installation Note
1314 Precision Calorimeter User Manual (1 MB) Manual
1316 Precision Calorimeter User Manual (2 MB) Manual
1505A 2505A Manual (1 MB) Manual
1510A / 2510A Manual (1 MB) Manual
1830A Manual (2 MB) Manual
2601A Manual (656 KB) Manual
2602A Manual (463 KB) Manual
2818A RF Power Transfer Standard Manual (1 MB) Manual
5540A-901_A (282 KB) Manual
5541A Manual (659 KB) Manual
Gemini 5540A Manual (1 MB) Manual
PS-Cal Manual (729 KB) Manual
1830A IVI Driver (3 MB) Software
1830A USB Serial Driver – 64 bit (302 KB) Software
1830A USB Serial Drivers – 32 bit (299 KB) Software
PS-Cal Release Notes (129 KB) Technical Reference

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