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Infusion Pumps

To operate effectively, infusion pumps require a reliable and consistent source of power, making the selection of a suitable power supply an essential consideration. One must consider several important factors, such as power requirements, reliability, safety, size and weight, efficiency, and compatibility. Advanced Energy is the strategic partner of global brands for infusion pump equipment and takes these factors into account to ensure reliable, consistent power for all your needs.

Operating infusion pumps requires specific voltage and current levels, making the selection of a suitable power supply crucial. Providing incorrect power could damage the device or risk malfunction, posing serious threats to patient safety. As device disruptions or failures can be life-threatening, the reliability and safety of the power supply are key considerations.

Compliance with safety standards and regulations, including protection against electrical shocks, short circuits, and overvoltage or overcurrent conditions, is essential. Given the often portable nature of infusion pumps and their frequent need for relocation, the power supply's size and weight become vital factors.

Advanced Energy builds highly efficient power supplies that generate less heat, which not only extends the life of the equipment but also minimizes the risk of failure. Our compact and lightweight power supplies facilitate easy transportation, crucial in home healthcare settings where patients may need to move the device or take it on trips.

Powering patient care instruments and power requirements for infusion pumps.