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Tethered Drones

To meet the diverse DC voltages and power levels that tethered drones require, Advanced Energies offers a wide selection of AC-DC power conversion solutions for the ground-based sources that supply energy through the tether cable. Further inside the drone, Advanced Energy's Point-of-Load (POL) and Board Mounted Power (BMP) 'brick' converters provide low voltage conversion to energize essential onboard electronics.

Take Your Drone to New Heights with Advanced Energy's Tethered Solutions

Tethered drones may be a lesser-known class of unmanned aerial systems (UAS), but they offer a range of benefits over traditional drones. With a tethered drone, you can stay in the air longer, cover more ground, and transmit data more reliably. And with Advanced Energy's broad selection of AC-DC power conversion solutions, powering your tethered drone has never been easier.

Tethered Drones have extended flight time since they don’t need to rely on batteries.They are typically connected to a high voltage DC power source which enables use of a thin, light-weight cable.

Our power conversion solutions address the myriad DC voltages and power levels required in the ground-based power source to feed the tether cable, providing reliable and efficient power to your drone. Plus, our point-of-load (POL) and board-mounted power (BMP) converters can be utilized for low voltage conversion within the drone to power cameras, communications, and other electronics.

Don't let power limitations ground your drone—keep your drone in the air longer and cover more ground. With our broad selection of AC-DC power conversion solutions, you can power your tethered drone with ease, from the ground-based power source to your drone's internal electronics. Whether you're using your tethered drone for surveillance, broadcasting, or other applications, count on Advanced Energy to provide the power solutions you need to soar higher and fly farther.


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