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Advanced Energy's Custom and Modified Standard

July 18, 2024
While Advanced Energy offers a broad range of standard products that address the needs of many industries, there are occasions when a standard product does not address all your application requirements. A custom solution may not be economical or meet scheduling needs. By using proven standard platforms as building blocks, we can develop cost-effective turnkey power solutions that meet your exact needs.


AE’s Excelsys FC2500 Series

July 18, 2024
The FC2500 can be used as a standalone capacitor charger, and if needed, various low voltage modules can be added to the unit to provide further system power. This functionality provides extra flexibility to power other systems and applications. Low voltage modules can be connected in parallel and in series for application that require higher voltage and current requirements. The FC2500 has a unique built in intelligent control for capacitor charging, higher charge rates and power limit control. There is also added control and monitoring capability via the analog and PMBus digital intelligent control system. The FC2500 improves end users time to market by simplifying EMI and low leakage current approvals needed at end applications. It also has IEC60101-1 3rd edition and IEC60101-1-2 4th edition (EMC) safety agency approval.


Expanded Evergreen™ high power AC-DC platform: instant customization, uncompromising performance

July 18, 2024
AE expands our Evergreen platform with the new FCM 10 kW standalone AC-DC module. The technologies that shape our world are evolving fast, demanding higher and higher power levels and increasingly customized performance. Evergreen’s breakthrough modular approach enables quick configuration and power scaling, as well as: - More power in less space with 38 W/in3 power density - Less wasted power with up to 95% efficiency and 0.98 power factor correction - Intelligent, system-level communication and control