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At Advanced Energy, we deliver precision power supply, sensing, and control solutions for demanding industrial and semiconductor applications. Our focus is not only on assuring product quality and uniformity but also on optimizing energy use to protect vital manufacturing assets.

Industrial Applications

Green Energy

As green energy technology continues to develop and is implemented on a larger scale, our solutions provide reliable power delivery and control to maximize efficiency, while meeting the growing regulatory requirements.


Industrial manufacturing requires accurate, efficient, and repeatable processes. Our power, control, and sensing solutions play a crucial role in optimizing manufacturing operations to maintain high-level quality and comply with regulations and standards.

Robotics & Transport

Our solutions ensure reliable, highly-efficient operations, vital for maintaining continuous yield and adhering to multiple industry standards.


Integrating our power supplies and temperature measurement solutions is essential for industrial printing manufacturers to meet their process requirements and operating conditions. Our solutions ensure stable, precise, and repeatable printing processes, resulting in high-quality results.


As LED lighting is adopted in more grow rooms, centralized power solutions from Advanced Energy are growing to be the preferred LED lighting architecture to reduce energy and installation costs.

Industrial Lighting

Industrial lighting involves demanding settings such as factories, warehouses, and outdoor areas. Our power supplies play a critical role in providing reliable and efficient power to ensure consistent illumination of nearly any lighting technology.

Analytical Test and Measurement

Analytical test and measurement involves various instruments to quantify physical qualities, such as voltage, current, temperature, and pressure. Our solutions include precise and stable power sources to ensure the accuracy and reliability of these measurements.

Plasma Processes and Materials

Our specialized solutions provide precise power delivery and control to ensure consistent quality for plasma processes and materials.

Military and Aerospace

Military and Aerospace applications demand reliable operation in harsh environments. Our AC-DC power supplies and DC-DC converters are critical components for powering sensitive electronics and ensuring safe and dependable operation in rugged conditions.