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Industry Forums

As a leading manufacturer of power conversion and control systems, Advanced Energy boasts a strong presence in numerous industry forums such as the DesignLights Consortium (DLC), Open Compute Project (OCP), Power Management Bus (PMBus), PowerStamp, and Power Supply Manufacturers Association (PSMA).

These platforms foster collaboration with other industry leaders to develop and promote cutting-edge technologies. As a DLC member, Advanced Energy supports energy-efficient lighting technologies and has multiple products listed on the Qualified Products List. Our contributions to the open-source OCP have been pivotal in shaping power supply designs for energy-efficient data centers, recognized by the organization's awards program. We also champion digital power management by integrating PMBus communication protocols into our products, while our patented PowerStamp technology boosts power density and efficiency across various applications. As an active participant in the PSMA, we further the advancement of power electronics technology worldwide.


As a DLC member, Advanced Energy is committed to developing innovative energy-efficient lighting products that meet its customers' needs, reducing energy consumption and operating costs while providing high-quality lighting.


Advanced Energy is an active contributor to the Open Compute Project (OCP), a community-driven initiative that aims to develop and share efficient hardware designs for data centers.


Advanced Energy supports the Power Management Bus (PMBus) protocol, which is an open-standard digital power management protocol that enables communication between different components of a power system.


Advanced Energy is a founding member of the Power Stamp Alliance (PSA), an industry group that promotes the development and adoption of high-density, low-profile power modules.


Advanced Energy is an active member of the Power Supply Manufacturers Association (PSMA), a global organization that promotes the advancement of power electronics technology through educational programs, technical conferences, and industry standards.


For decades, Advanced Energy has partnered with SEMI – a pillar organization within the semiconductor industry – via our significant presence at numerous SEMICON® tradeshows worldwide. As the industry grows, we highlight advancements that support the rapid evolution of semiconductor technology.


Advanced Energy’s decades-long relationship with the Society of Vacuum Coaters has provided a forum for our new research, novel techniques, and innovative approach related to industrial coating processes.