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Advanced Energy boasts a comprehensive product suite tailored to support burn-in testing for semiconductors, power supplies, and other vital electronics. Our offerings span single and three-phase AC-DC solutions, capable of delivering power ratings ranging from hundreds to thousands of kilowatts. For distributed power test architectures, we provide a diverse selection of high-efficiency, isolated DC-DC converters, along with non-isolated POLs (Point-of-Load) converters. 

Maximize Your Electronics Performance with Advanced Energy's Burn In Solutions

Ensuring performance and reliability of critical electronics such as semiconductors and power supplies necessitates rigorous burn-in testing, an area in which Advanced Energy excels. Our broad product range is engineered to facilitate comprehensive burn-in testing, encompassing single and three-phase AC-DC solutions with power ratings that span from the hundreds to the thousands of kilowatts.

Manufacturers perform burn-in to remove the devices that make up early life failures before the product is shipped to the customers. Early life “infant mortality” failures are trapped by subjecting the IC to accelerated life test conditions, including elevated voltages and temperatures.

From distributed power test architectures to high-efficiency isolated DC-DC and non-isolated point-of-load (POL) converters, Advanced Energy's portfolio is primed to cater to any mix of input/output voltage, power rating, and programmability. Our burn-in solutions stand as a testament to reliability and performance, ensuring your electronics consistently operate at their peak.

Don't compromise on the performance of your electronics. Achieve optimal results with Advanced Energy's burn-in solutions. Whether your task involves testing semiconductors, power supplies, or other electronics, our versatile product range is equipped to deliver the power and flexibility necessary for impeccable execution.