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Ohmmeters & Bond Meters

The TEGAM line of bond meters, milli-ohmmeters, and high-speed micro-ohmmeters offer performance levels that are among the highest in the industry. TEGAM bond meters are routinely used on aircraft production lines and for regular airframe maintenance checks, where electrical and mechanical joint integrity is critically important. The TEGAM 1750 high-speed micro-ohmmeter is frequently used on production lines and in QA labs at electronic component manufacturers, automotive manufacturers, and a in a wide variety of industrial applications. Additonally, TEGAM offers several models of mega-ohmmeters, commonly referrred to as insulation testers, which are used for measuring high resistance levels.

Technical Documentation

Title Type
1740/1750 Accessory Sheet (2 MB) Accessory Sheet
252/253 Accessory Sheet (177 KB) Accessory Sheet
Microohmeter Accessory Sheet (1 MB) Accessory Sheet
Microohmmeter Accessories Sheet (2 MB) Accessory Sheet
R1L-E2A Accessory Sheet (700 KB) Accessory Sheet
AN102: How to Properly Zero a Kelvin Klip (48 KB) Application Note
AN103: Real Time Wire Plating Thickness Measurement (307 KB) Application Note
AN105: Real Time Wire Gauge Measurement (117 KB) Application Note
AN106: Inductive Measurements with a TEGAM Model 1750 (97 KB) Application Note
AN107: Testing LCD Display Panels with the TEGAM Model 1750 (110 KB) Application Note
AN300: Verify Fenwal Temperature Sensing Elements (110 KB) Application Note
AN301: LCR Meter Measurement Accuracy (208 KB) Application Note
TEGAM Resistance Brochure (415 KB) Brochure
EU Declaration of Conformity for R1L-E2A (100 KB) Certificate
R1L-E2A PQAN (140 KB) Certificate
1750 Datasheet (1 MB) Data Sheet
252/253 Datasheet (218 KB) Data Sheet
710A Datasheet (2 MB) Data Sheet
720A Datasheet (1 MB) Data Sheet
730A Datasheet (2 MB) Data Sheet
Alkaline Battery SDS (95 KB) Data Sheet
BCP-10-909 (397 KB) Data Sheet
DS_710A_720A (2 MB) Data Sheet
R1L-BI AND R1L-BIR Datasheet (917 KB) Data Sheet
R1L-BIR1 Datasheet (731 KB) Data Sheet
R1L-D1 Datasheet (992 KB) Data Sheet
R1L-E2A Datasheet (493 KB) Data Sheet
R1M-A Datasheet (347 KB) Data Sheet
R1M-B Datasheet (382 KB) Data Sheet
1750 Accuracy Calculations (31 KB) Guide
1750 Application List (53 KB) Guide
700 Series Configuration Guide (1 MB) Guide
720A-900 Quick Start (217 KB) Guide
Microohmmeter Selection Guide (355 KB) Guide
Quick Start Guide 710A-901 (233 KB) Guide
R1L-E2A vs R1L-E2 (29 KB) Guide
1750 Manual (2 MB) Manual
252 Manual (2 MB) Manual
720-400 (718 KB) Manual
720A-900 Manual (710 KB) Manual
720A-903 (251 KB) Manual
730A-900 Manual (931 KB) Manual
Manual 710A-900 (709 KB) Manual
R1L-BI & R1L-BIR Manual (2 MB) Manual
R1L-BIR1 Manual (2 MB) Manual
R1L-D1 Manual (743 KB) Manual
R1L-E2A Manual (849 KB) Manual
R1M-A Manual (910 KB) Manual
R1M-A Manual (for units purchased prior to October 2013) (2 MB) Manual
R1M-B Manual (894 KB) Manual
1750 Application (310 KB) Software
1750 LabVIEW Driver (285 KB) Software

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