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Indoor Farming

As a strategy to optimize productivity and reduce costs, many indoor growers are embracing centralized power systems. Instead of AC power, these systems distribute DC power directly to individual LED lamp drivers, representing an innovative approach to indoor farming operations.

Take Control of Your Crop's Growth with Advanced Energy's Centralized Power Systems for Indoor Farming

Indoor farming within greenhouses, shipping containers, or similar structures represents a paradigm shift in crop cultivation. Through meticulous control of lighting and nutrients, these methods enable crops to be grown closer to consumers, eliminate the need for harmful pesticides or chemicals, and consume less water than traditional outdoor horticulture. But how can we optimize costs and productivity in this innovative approach? The solution resides in Advanced Energy's centralized power systems tailored for indoor farming.

Our digital high power AC/DC systems and software deliver the necessary DC power to energize horticultural LED lights. By adopting Advanced Energy's centralized power systems, growers gain the ability to assert control over their crop growth, curb costs, and enhance productivity. All this can be achieved while concurrently reducing their environmental footprint, embodying a true marriage of efficiency and sustainability.


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