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As Industry 4.0 continues to ramp up automation and testing equipment, including robotics, instrumentation, sensors, and process control devices, Advanced Energy stands ready with an extensive and ever-growing range of products, components, and service solutions that are equipped to meet the many requirements these advancements bring.

Manufacturing Applications


Advanced Energy provides a range of products for unique test & measurement applications in the manufacturing of automobiles and components. These product applications include low-resistance measurement and thermal sensing.

Electronic Component Test

Advanced Energy TEGAM High-Speed Micro-Ohmmeters perform a wide range of tasks to assist electronic component manufacturers on the production line and in the QA lab.


Advanced Energy offers lower power conversion solutions to power lasers in medical and diagnostic devices. Our higher power offerings address industrial, manufacturing and other applications for welding, etching, cutting, and printing.

Steel & Metals

Advanced Energy's Steel & Metal solutions provide cutting-edge technology, ease-of-use, and dependability through our non-contact temperature sensors and power controllers.


Trusted Solutions for Glass Production: Advanced Energy offers a complete solution for every stage of the manufacturing process for flat glass, container glass, specialty glass, technical glass, and glass coating.


Advanced Energy provides innovative temperature and gas sensing instruments for the petrochemical market that are designed for high-temperature, energy-intensive processes such as reforming and distillation operations..

Food Safety

Our digital temperature instruments are utilized directly on production lines for immediate verification and are essential in calibrating crucial process control equipment, addressing the pervasive issue of foodborne illnesses, and contributing to a safer, healthier food supply chain.

Flat Panel Display

As display size and resolution continue to take off, the demand for high-quality displays is greater than ever.

Mini/Micro LED MOCVD

Our technology offers precise power control and repeatability, crucial for the high-quality production of mini/micro LEDs.

Industry 4.0 utilizes ever increasing amounts of automation and testing equipment. From robotics for handling, instrumentation for measurements, sensors for monitoring and devices for process control, Advanced Energy’s broad and expanding portfolio of products, components and services solutions can satisfy many of the requirements. AE-Hero-Graphics_ManufacturingProcess-(1).jpgAE-Hero-Graphics_ManufacturingProcess2.jpg

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