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Electronic Component Test

The Advanced Energy TEGAM line of high-speed micro-ohmmeters are used to support the production processes for a wide range of electronic components. Capable of very fast measurement speeds and high-accuracy measurements, these instruments provide reliable performance and increased productivity.

Quickly Test and Verify Electronic Components with Advanced Energy's TEGAM Micro-Ohmmeters

AE TEGAM Micro-Ohmmeters can be used in the production of a wide variety of electronic components, including resistors, shunts, ferrite beads, fuses, switches, relays, wire harnesses, and bus bar connectors, to name just a few. The instruments are valued throughout the production process. High speed measurements make them suitable to control laser trimmers and to test and sort components right on the production line. The 1750 model’s high accuracy measurements are suitable for QA checks throughout the process, and for final precise product labeling.Electronics-Component-Testing-Application.jpg

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April 04, 2023

By Advanced Energy Editor

High volume parts and component manufacturers serving the automotive and electronics industries must meet rigorous quality standards.