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Power supplies are a crucial component of ultrasound machines. These machines rely on a steady and reliable power supply to operate effectively and produce high-quality images. Efficiency, reliability, form factor and regulatory compliance are some of the important considerations when selecting a power supply.  A power supply with poor stability and poor EMI performance can impact accuracy and resolution, and therefore in the end the image quality and diagnosis. Advanced Energy power supplies are designed to provide a steady, reliable power flow. These supplies ensure that Ultrasound devices operate at their peak performance levels, delivering consistently accurate results.

In medical devices such as ultrasound machines, the quality and reliability of the power supply are vital for accurate, consistent results and to fulfill additional requirements like minimal noise and compact size. Understanding the full spectrum of device requirements, beyond just voltage and current, is imperative before settling on a power supply. Using a poorly suited supply could damage the equipment and lead to subpar operational conditions. Noise or interference in the power supply can also cause artifacts in the images, underscoring the importance of a low-noise, low-interference supply. Essentially, the power supply choice should guarantee reliable, efficient, and safe performance.

Advanced Energy power supplies feature low-ripple outputs for enhanced image resolution, isolated outputs for system voltages and imaging components, and options for battery charging management. Our high-voltage products facilitate swift switching time for precise control and offer high resolution and low ripple throughout the output range, ensuring optimal regulation, control, and stability.