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The power supply for a PET scanner should deliver the required voltage and current to power the scanner's electronics, detectors, and other components. Given the need for precise PET scanning, even minor fluctuations in output voltage or current could influence the accuracy of the imaging results. Designed with this precision in mind, Advanced Energy power supplies deliver stable and accurate power ensuring reliable imaging results.

For a PET scan the patient receives a tracer injection and acts as radiation source themselves, emitting photons. Current PET systems leverage time-of-flight technology and employ multiple detector modules for accurate measurements. Each of these modules consists of various blocks, with each block composed of several single crystals.

Combined PET-CT or -MR scanners blend the use of radiopharmaceuticals and cutting-edge imaging technology to generate detailed images of the body's physiological processes and organ locations.

When selecting power supplies for these scanners, considerations such as stability and precision, filtering and noise reduction capabilities, safety features, and customization options are paramount. Choosing a power supply that fulfills these crucial requirements ensures reliable and accurate operation of the PET scanner

Power requirements for PET machine