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Advances in technology have enhanced MRI scans' capabilities, leading to a considerable increase in signal-to-noise ratio and improved spatial resolution. These advancements also allow for shorter scan times and less use of contrast media. Advanced Energy’s solutions ensure sensitive system electronics work seamlessly together - whether it’s about coils, the patient table or any gradient power requirements. 

Like any application needing high precision for accurate measurements and seamless operation, MRI scanners come with demanding power requirements. These span from high power supplies housed within the cabinet, requiring rapid ramp-up times, to highly flexible yet stable low power supplies for table movements, display, and other sensors.

MRI systems are continuing to evolve, field strengths increasing, and gradient switching times becoming more demanding, all in the pursuit of improved diagnostic outcomes. This evolution has led to a rise in power ratings. The power solution must be designed such that any conducted or radiated noise doesn't impact the sensitive measuring equipment, thereby ensuring unimpaired detail discernment. Understanding these requirements enables us to deliver a diverse range of complex power solutions for medical systems like MRI equipment. Advanced Energy's expertise in power solution design ensures that the complex needs of MRI systems are adequately and efficiently met.