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Transmission and Distribution

Advanced Energy delivers innovative temperature and fault monitoring instruments for transmission and distribution assets.
Continuous and remote monitoring with thermal imaging systems gives you highly accurate data for condition-based maintenance. Fiber optic sensors are proven to be an effective hot spot monitor and controller for power transformers. Bond meters and megohmmeters provide precise measurements and superior reliability in rugged outdoor environments.

Assets within electrical substations to be monitored includes:
  • Power transformers
  • Bus bars
  • Shunts
  • Fuses
  • Relays
  • Cable terminations

Temperature and Fault Monitoring Instruments

Temperature and fault monitoring instruments for transmission and distribution assets

Automated Thermal Imaging

Advanced Energy’s THERMALSPECTION 724 is an automated, real-time thermal imaging system for substations and industrial sites that enables early fault detection.

Thermal Imaging Solutions

TS724DV-PT and TS724 thermal imaging cameras provide dynamic and static monitoring solutions with multi-spot temperature measurement and environmental resilience.

The IN 5 PYROMETER delivers accurate temperature sensing in confined spaces, suitable for high-temperature environments without cooling.

Fiber Optic Temperature Monitoring

LUXTRON fiber optic temperature monitoring sets the standard with real-time, direct hot spot control, utilizing patented Fluoroptic technology for the power utility industry.

Transformer Hot Spot Monitoring

The LUXTRON THERMASSET2 controller measures transformer winding hot spots in real-time, optimizing operation during overload conditions with maintenance-free ruggedized probes.

Electrical System Diagnostics

Advanced Energy’s TEGAM 700 series bond meters, equipped with 4-wire Kelvin sensing and Bluetooth LE connectivity, ensure precision and ease of use across diverse environments.

R1L-BIR Bond Meters are designed for various resistance testing needs, from aerospace to circuit breakers. They are capable of precise measurements in reactive load settings.

The R1M series Mega-Ohmmeters, both handheld and portable models, are engineered for high-resistance insulation testing, ensuring durability and MIL-spec compliance for field use.

Insulation and Bond Testing, Electrical Systems Diagnostics

TEGAM bond meters and megohmmeters merge unrivaled performance with a rugged, compact design, ideal for various field applications.

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