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Microwave Electrosurgery

Microwave electrosurgery requires a specialized power supply that can generate high-frequency electromagnetic waves. Ensuring a consistent and reliable power supply is fundamental to the equipment's performance. Along with this, you need a power solution provider that can meet your technical and regulatory demands. Advanced Energy is a leader in providing high quality and performance power solutions for microwave electrosurgical units. We have extensive experience in providing solutions that power these complex systems.
Microwave is a type of electrosurgery that operates at a frequency of 915 MHz or 2.45 GHz and its associated power supplies are a valuable tool for modern surgical procedures, providing precise and efficient tissue cutting, coagulation, and ablation with minimal damage to surrounding tissue. The power supplies used in microwave electrosurgery are designed to provide consistent and reliable power to the surgical site. They typically feature sophisticated control systems that allow for precise adjustments to the power and frequency of the electromagnetic waves, ensuring optimal performance during surgery. The frequency range of the power supply is one of the most important considerations when choosing a power supply for microwave electrosurgery.           

Since microwave electrosurgery typically operates at frequencies between 900 MHz and 2.45 GHz, it is critical to choose a power supply that can operate within this frequency range to ensure that the electromagnetic waves generated are effective. The power output, another crucial consideration, determines the amount of energy that is delivered to the tissue during the surgical procedure. Advanced Energy power supplies ensures that the surgical procedure is performed safely and effectively with minimal damage to the surrounding tissue. Our low voltage product offering provides flexibility by allowing system designers to monitor and control power supply performance via analog or digital communications (PMBus®).

Power requirements for Microwave electrosurgery machine