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Radio Frequency (RF)

The efficiency of RF electrosurgery is as much a product of its technological advancements as it is of the consistency and reliability of its power supply. Precision and safety in RF electrosurgery heavily depend on consistent energy delivery. As medical procedures become more sophisticated, the demands on power infrastructure grow with it. Advanced Energy’s cutting-edge technologies offer highly reliable, precision power conversion for RF medical devices. Our power supplies minimize interference, ensuring the RF energy delivered is consistent and free of unwanted noise.
RFA may be performed to treat tumors in the lung, liver, kidney, and bone, as well as other body organs. Using high quality power supplies ensures patient safety and enhance surgical precision, in turn redcuing tissue damage. 

For procedures like in RF electrosurgery, precision is non-negotiable. A stable, high-quality power supply ensures the RF energy is delivered accurately, enhancing surgical precision and reducing potential tissue damage. RF electrosurgery devices have sensitive components that can degrade over time, especially with inconsistent power. A stable power supply can extend the equipment's lifespan, offering better return on investment.

All of these systems require precise control and delivery of Radio Frequency energy. Advanced Energy offers a broad portfolio of standard products for your RF applications. You can also leverage our experienced design engineers to develop a custom RF system. We can help you achieve optimal performance and faster time to market at the lowest total cost of ownership for your RF medical generator.

Power requirements for RF electrosurgery machine