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Advanced Energy delivers power supply and control solutions for critical thin film deposition applications and device geometries. To solve wafer processing challenges, our precision power conversion solutions allow you to optimize power accuracy, precision, speed, and process repeatability.

We offer a broad range of RF frequencies, DC power systems, customized power output levels, matching technologies, and fiber optic temperature monitoring solutions that truly enable you to better control the process plasma. We also integrate Fast DAQ™ and our data acquisition and accessibility suite to provide process insight and speed the development process.

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Your Challenge

From films used to pattern integrated circuit dimensions to conductive and insulative films (electrical structures), to metal films (interconnection), your deposition processes require atomic-level control — not only for each feature but across the entire wafer.

Beyond the structure itself, your deposited films must be high quality. They need to possess desired grain structure, uniformity, and conformal thickness, and be void-free — and that’s in addition to providing required mechanical stresses (compressive and tensile) and electrical properties.

The complexity only continues to increase. To address lithography limitations (sub-1X nm nodes), self-aligned double and quadruple patterning techniques require your deposition process to produce and reproduce the pattern on every wafer.

Our Solution

When you deploy the most critical deposition applications and device geometries, you need a reliable market leader.

Advanced Energy’s RF power delivery and high-speed matching technology enable you to customize and optimize the power accuracy, precision, speed, and process repeatability required for all advanced PECVD and PEALD deposition processes.

Utilize our DC generator technology to fine-tune your configurable arc response, power accuracy, speed, and process repeatability required PVD (sputtering) and ECD deposition processes.


  • Enhanced plasma stability and process repeatability increases yield
  • Precise RF and DC delivery with full digital control helps optimize process efficiency
  • Fast response to plasma changes and arc management
  • Multi-level pulsing with adaptive frequency tuning improves etch rate selectivity
  • Global support available to ensure maximum uptime and product performance
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