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APEC 2024

February 24 to 28
Long Beach, CA 
Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center

New Innovations in Precision Power

Join Advanced Energy at APEC 2024, booth 842, to discover how we continue to innovate with new technology for emerging markets and remain at the forefront of many well-known markets. Learn more about our powerful portfolio of high reliability power supplies.
Speaking Engagements
Hary Soin HeadshotHarry Soin, Sr Director, Technical Marketing, Hyperscale ProductsFor Datacenter & Telecommunication Applications
Wednesday, Feb. 28, 1:30 P.M to 4:55 P.M
Location: IS13

OCP Compliant Power Solutions to Address Critical AI Workloads
Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2:15 P.M to 2:45 P.M
Location: 101B
Frank Cirolia HeadshotFrank Cirolia, Field Application Manager, Global Sales

Design of Power Supplies &
Battery Chargers
Tuesday, Feb. 27, 8:30 A.M to 11:55 A.M
Location: IS06

Centralized Remote Drivers, from Horticulture to Commercial Lighting, Are Still the “Make Sense Solution” 
Location: IS06.2
Conor Quin HeadshotConor Quinn, Sr Director, Corporate Technical Strategy
Topics in High Voltage Devices, Components, & Systems
Thursday, Feb 29, 8:30 A.M to 11:20  A.M
Location: IS24

Electronics in Electroporation: High Voltage Puled Outputs in Medical Application – AE’s Richard Morrison  presenting.
8:30 A.M to 9:30 AM
Location: IS24.1

Electrical Insulation Considerations of Compact High Voltage assemblies – AE’s Antonios Tzimas presenting.
10:30 A.M to 10:55 AM 
Location: IS24.5
Featured Products

eVerest RF Generator

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Job Fair
Visit our booth at APEC to explore career opportunities and your future at AE. 

Booth #4
Hyatt Hotel, Regency Ballroom ABC Level 4
Tuesday, February 27, 1:30PM to 5:00 P.M