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Military and Aerospace

Advanced Energy understands the distinct requirements of military applications. We focus on the provision of dependable, resilient and cost-effective solutions. Our military-grade offerings are specifically engineered to satisfy rigorous standards and offer the convenience of off-the-shelf solutions. Included in our military product range are AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies, front-end solutions and point-of-load converters that are designed to endure extreme conditions.To meet the diverse needs of military applications, we provide an extensive variety of power densities, output voltages and form factors, ensuring an adaptable fit for different platforms and applications.

Advanced Energy's Aerospace Products Ensure Safe and Reliable Operation in Harsh Environments

With unmatched experience in the power conversion industry, we have a proven track record of providing reliable and high-quality products to military and aerospace customers. Our military products undergo rigorous testing and are compliant with military standards and regulations. Choosing Advanced Energy for military solutions is a strategic decision that brings the confidence associated with working alongside a trusted and experienced partner.

In the aerospace industry, reliable operation in harsh environments is a must. Advanced Energy's AC-DC power supplies and DC-DC converters are critical components for powering sensitive electronics and ensuring safe and dependable operation in rugged conditions. The company offers power solutions for a range of aerospace applications, including satellites, spacecraft, launch vehicles and ground support equipment.

Advanced Energy's aerospace products are designed to operate in the harsh environment of Earth's atmosphere and surrounding space, withstanding extreme temperatures, radiation and vibration. This ensures the safe and reliable operation of sensitive electronics in challenging conditions, making Advanced Energy's products an essential component of the aerospace industry. From commercial to private, military to space exploration, Advanced Energy is proud to serve the aerospace industry in all markets.

In addition to its power solutions, the aerospace industry also relies on Advanced Energy's TEGAM test & measurement products. These products are essential for testing aircraft flight control surfaces and ensuring solid electrical bonds throughout the frame. Advanced Energy's expertise and technology play a crucial role in keeping aircraft in the air, making it a reliable partner for the aerospace industry.


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