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ORV3 Shelf


15 kW (N + 1) and 9 kW (N + N)

Advanced Energy’s Artesyn 1OU, ORv3-compliant shelf utilizes single or dual cords. It converts incoming supply voltage into a 50 VDC output with total power capability of 18 kW. It accommodates 6x3 kW hot-swappable single phase PSU modules. Power Shelf input(s) are universal 7 pin connector which can be configured as star, delta or single phase. It includes a hot-pluggable Shelf Controller for monitoring and control over Ethernet (DMTF Redfish® compatible) management networks. This power shelf is typically used for compute and storage applications which require reliable power and optional battery backup.


  • 15 kW at 50 V with N + 1 redundancy or 9 kW at 50 V with N + N redundancy (dual feed shelf)
  • Houses 6 x 3000 W power modules and a removable shelf controller
  • Accepts 3 types of input configurations (3P Dela 4 W, 3P Wye 5 W, 3x of 1P)


  • Highly accurate droop + active current sharing
  • Very high efficiency


Output Power (W): 18000
Length (Inches): 28.287
Width (Inches): 21.142
Height (Inches): 1.811
Mounting Type: Shelf
Minimum Output Current (A): 300
Maximum Output Current (A): 300
Minimum Output Power (W): 18000
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