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Mikron MCS640 Series


Short Wavelength Thermal Imagers for Temperature Measurement between 600 and 3000°C

The MIKRON MCS640 represents another milestone in innovative infrared thermometry. Designed with advanced maintenance-free electronics and Industrial Protective Packaging, the MCS640 offers unparalleled accuracy in demanding industrial and manufacturing applications. The MCS640 is a cost-effective, high performance non-contact infrared imager that serves a broad range of process monitoring applications. The unique design produces superior images and temperature measurement (±2°C). With an unmatched array of protective accessories, the MCS640 demonstrates Mikrons commitment to long-term trouble-free process monitoring in harsh industrial applications.


  • Unique superior measurement accuracy of 0.5% of reading
  • Display of images in real-time at 60 Hz (60 images per second)
  • 1000 Mbit/s Gigabit Ethernet data transmission
  • Compact in size with a small weight of 0.7 kg


  • Obtain high quality images of small objects: 640 x 480 pixel detector
  • Configure to meet exact measurement needs: Wide range of optics for macroscopic and microscopic applications
  • Enable dynamic temperature processes: Image acquisition of 60 frames per second


Operational temperature range (°C): 0 to 50
Wavelength Range (nm): 750-1100
Optical Interface: Manual Focus
Number of Channels: 1
Accuracy: ±2 deg C or 2% of reading
Measurement Rate (Hz): 60 Hz
Field of View: 3.5° to 41°
Filter (µm): 0.780 to 1.080
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Mikron LumaSpec RT Software

Windows-Based, Real-Time Data Acquisition Software

Mikron VC Enclosure

Vortex-Cooled, Heavy-Duty, Industrial-Grade, Thermal Imager Protector

Mikron LumaSpec Offline Analyzer 5.0

Advanced Thermal Image Processing, Analysis, and Report-Writing Software

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