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OLH10K Series


10 kW Rack-Mounted Converter with HV Disc Set

Advanced Energy’s OLH10K series includes a range of exceptionally reliable, single-output, 10 kW high voltage power supplies. The custom-only supplies consist of two units. One features a rack-mount power converter that can facilitate both local and remote controls. The other is a separate HV unit that employs a modular disc construction. Three different input voltage variants are available: OLH10K (208 VAC), OLH10KC (380 VAC), and the OLH10KE (400 VAC).


  • 10 kW in 3U rack mounted converter with HV disc set
  • Extended maximum high voltage range — up to 300 kV
  • Unique Arc Count and Extinguish (ACE) system for managing load-arcing
  • Efficient and reliable operation


  • Use in multiple application with a flexible, wide-output voltage range for use in multiple applications
  • Reduces maintenance requirements and safety risks via innovative arcing self-protection system
  • Ideally solve for 24 x 7 production processes where high reliability and performance are paramount
  • Reduce costs by selecting only needed high power capabilities


Output Power (W): 10000
Ripple (ppm): <1000
Maximum Output Current (A): 0.166
Output Current Range (mA): 10, 166
Output Voltage Range (V): 60000 to 300000

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Model OLH10K Series OLS10KD Series OLS10K Series
Output Power (W) 10000 10000 10000
Ripple (ppm) <1000 <500 <500
Output Voltage Range (V) 60000 to 300000 1000 to 100000 100000

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