Meet current semiconductor manufacturing needs and prepare for future requirements.

Experience unequaled control in your plasma processes. Advanced Energy leads the market in advanced power delivery and control solutions for critical etch applications and device geometries. We offer a broad range of RF frequencies, power output levels, and matching technologies as well as fiber optic technologies for electrostatic monitoring.

With our customizable, precision power solutions, you can optimize the power accuracy, speed, and process repeatability required for wafer processing challenges. Our solutions enable you to meet current semiconductor fabrication needs and anticipate future requirements.

Learn more about our semiconductor manufacturing processes to find the solution that fits your needs.


Your Challenge

Processing high aspect ratio features, intricate three-dimensional architectures, and delicate new materials make etch process challenges even more complex.

New materials within the device stack drive the need for advanced multi-film etching capability within the same process chamber. And to address lithography limitations (sub-1X nm nodes), self-aligned double and quadruple patterning techniques require your etch process to duplicate the pattern on every wafer.

Across entire wafers, etch processes require extreme control and precision.

Our Solution

Advanced Energy offers a broad range of output powers and frequencies with microsecond control. Our advanced automated frequency tuning, multi-level pulsing (wave shaping), and solid-state matching technology equip you with sophisticated control tools. We integrate Fast DAQ™ and our data acquisition and accessibility suite, to provide process insight and speed development.

Advanced Energy’s RF power delivery and high-speed matching networks enable you to optimize the power accuracy, precision, speed, and process repeatability required for advanced conductor etch, dielectric etch, ALE, and TSV etching processes.

We also offer fiber optic temperature monitoring for electrostatic chucks in etcher systems and wafer fab equipment. Our mix-and-match probes and electronic modules or converter solutions can help you easily integrate fiber optic temperature solutions into challenging semiconductor applications.


  • Enhanced plasma stability and process repeatability increases yield
  • Precise RF delivery with full digital control optimizes power usage
  • Fast response to plasma changes facilitates better plasma management
  • Multi-level pulsing with adaptive frequency tuning improves etch rate selectivity
  • Global support available to ensure maximum uptime and product performance
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