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PEII Low Frequency Power Supply

The PEII power supply provides 40 kHz pulse width modulation (PWM). It features advanced arc control and  internal load matching with outputs of up to 60 kW when units are combined—requiring no external hardware such  as transformers or tuners. The power supply also offers two distinct arc-handling circuits, and the floating output  can be grounded on either side.


•    High power density
•    Wide tap range
•    Regulation on power, voltage, or current
•    Enhanced arc control
•    Automatic process safeguard
•    Flexible modularity
•    Efficient, compact design


•    Dual-cathode and other reactive sputtering applications used to create energy-efficient optical and glass coatings
•    Dual-cathode PECVD that produce film and plastic coatings for decorative films, food packaging, capacitor films, and other films
•    PECVD, DLC, metal oxides, and carbon coatings that provide tool and tribological coatings


Cooling: Water
Output Frequency (MHz, kHz): 40 kHz
Input Voltage (V): 208, 400 VAC
Power Level (kW): 5, 10 kW
Rack Width: Full Rack
Height (Inches): 4U
Communications Interface: Analog
Process Applications: Reactive sputtering

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