SCR Power Controllers

Thyro-PX Series

Advanced Power Controller Supports ±0.5% Operating Resolution and Loads Up to 2900 A

Built for demanding thermal applications, our high-performance Thyro-PX SCR power controller supports multiple operating voltages and control modes.

  • Large 2.8 in (71.1 mm) LED graphic display with integrated process data recorder and SD card
  • Digital and analog I/O options, with integrated memory for error tracking and energy consumption
  • Mains-load optimization features dynamic digital control and power monitoring
  • Overview
  • Technical Specs
  • Service & Support


50 years of experience are infused in the Thyro-PX®  series’ design and functionality. The SCR power controller is available in single-, dual-, and three-phase units, supports voltages from 184 to 690 V and 16 to 2900 A, and offers superior interface options. Integrate modes seamlessly with a 2.8-inch, LED Thyro-Touch display. And enable efficient system parameters, loading, and storage (up to six process parameters) via an on-board SD-card. Thyro-PX power controller is ideally suited for your transformer and resistive loads for glass, metal, and ceramic manufacturing. It is optimal for heating elements in electric furnaces.


  • Minimize peak kVA demand via MoSi and TAKT load management
  • Precisely regulate power, including load management, for optimal control and energy consumption
  • Customize faults, alarms, status, limits, and set points to easily integrate with existing control systems
  • Intuitively set up and commission using an integrated touch-screen display


  • 32-bit micro, 1.5 M measurements per sec, and 15-bit resolution, better than 0.5% accuracy
  • Integrated mains-load optimization (dASM) with digital control
  • Integrated soft starting for operation with downstream transformer
  • Integrated Thyro-Touch display
  • Seamless integration to Rockwell Automation® Studio5000® automation software via available add-on profiles (AOPs); simplify setup and commissioning using predefined tags
  • Load Types

    Resistive, transformer, and loads with large Rwarm/Rcold up to factor 20

  • Rated Voltages

    Up to 690 V

  • Rated Currents

    Up to 2900 A

  • Frequency

    47 to 63 Hz

  • Fuses

    Option Available: Integrated semiconductor fuses

  • Interface

    USB interface with Thyro-Tool Software

  • Operating Modes


  • Safety Certifications

    CE, UL 508 (8 – 350A), Canadian C22.2 No. 14

Specifications are subject to change without notice. Not all options and accessories are available for all models and configurations. Dimensions listed generally refer to standard configurations and module bodies only. Please confirm technical specifications and customizations with a sales representative. Advanced Energy is not responsible for errors or omissions.

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Voltage Range

230 to 690 V

230, 400, or 500 V

230 to 600 V

24 to 600 V

Current Range

5 to 2900 A

8 to 350 A

8 to 1500 A

16 to 1500 A

Operating Resolution


±3.0 %

±3.0 %


Display Screen

2.8 in (71.1 mm) LED



Full-graphic LED

Power Mains & Load Monitoring





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