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Navigator II FCi

Agile, Precise Power Delivery for Demanding High-Speed Matching Applications

Advanced Energy's Navigator II FCi enables improved process control with precise power delivery and tuning. The high-speed matching network is optimized for critical, power sensitive, short duration plasma process steps. Conventional longer steps and wide tuning range, traditionally handled by vacuum capacitor-based matching networks, are also supported. Through high-speed tuning, the Navigator II FCi offers many process control enhancements.

  • Reduced plasma stabilization time
  • No plasma dropout between process recipe transitions


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The Navigator® II FCi is a standalone, microprocessor-controlled impedance matching network. Incorporating tuning elements adjusted by discrete solid-state switched capacitor arrays, the matching network is driven by the need to achieve fast, ac­curate tuning across wider impedances. With a similar form, footprint, and tuning ranges as traditional counterparts, these matches offer tuning times in the millisecond range compared with the one-second range typical of traditional matching networks. This high-speed matching technology is optimized and suited for critical, power sensitive, short duration plasma process steps such as Atomic Layer Etch (ALE).

When configured for full-range tuning, the Navigator FCi can cover an impedance space identical to that of a vacuum capacitor match. The com­pactness of solid-state circuitry allows the match to fit within a similar footprint of the conventional version. This match has no moving mechanical parts, eliminating wear and drift mechanisms inherent to traditional matches. This enables higher reliability and repeatability on a broad range of challenging and continually varying plasma processes.


  • Achieve fast, accurate tuning across a wide impedance range
  • Improve reliability and repeatability
  • Reduce power delivery interruption and “winking-out” of plasma
  • Utilize technology for short process steps, such as ALE applications


  • 13.56 MHz
  • CW and pulse operation
  • Output measurement sensor
  • Air cooled
  • Output Voltage

    1200 Vrms maximum

    1000 VDC Maximum DC bias voltage

  • Output Current

    35 A RMS Maximum

  • Frequencies

    13.56 MHz

  • RF Power Input

    1500 W Delivered, maximum

    150 W Reflected, maximum

  • Reflected Power (matched automatic tune)

    5 W or < 1% of forward power, whichever is greater

  • Line Voltage

    24 ±10% VDC

  • Line Current

    3.5 A maximum

  • Cooling


  • Ambient Operating Air Temperature Range

    +5 to +40°C

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