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Luxtron M-1000 Fiber Optic Temperature Converter


FluorOptic Temperature Converter For Measurements Between -200 to 450 °C in Semiconductor Applications

Advanced Energy’s Luxtron® FluorOptic Temperature (FOT) Sensors use the principles of phosphorescence to deliver high-accuracy temperature monitoring for critical semiconductor applications such as plasma etch and plasma enhanced deposition. The sensors are immune to interference from RF and microwave sources, enabling precise process control required to achieve device performance and yield for leading edge semiconductor devices.

The Luxtron M-1000 is the latest FOT converter platform, featuring an advanced light source and improved electronics for ultralow noise. In addition, two new proprietary phosphor formulations, VioLux and RubiLux, have been developed to work in concert with the M-1000 to deliver sub 0.5 °C accuracy, and excellent repeatability, and stability over an extended range -200 to 450 °C. This extended temperature range enables both cryogenic and high temperature etch processes, both of which are critical for etching advanced high aspect ratio devices, such as 3D NAND.


  • Custom OEM probe design and quick-turn prototypes from experience engineering team
  • Ability to have multiple probe types and temperature ranges on a single M1000
  • Sensors are immune to interference from RF and microwave sources
  • Option to separate the sensors from the probes for increased accuracy and faster thermal response


  • Wide supported temperature range
  • Low noise level with fast response rate
  • Non-contact measurement to minimize the thermal offset
  • Easy to install into OEM equipment


Operational temperature range (°C): -10 to 60
Number of Channels: Up to 5
Accuracy: ± 0.5 °C
Noise (°C): ≤ 0.05 °C
Communications Interface: RS232
Readout Speed (Hz): 1 to 50 Hz
Number of Sensors: 1
Software: TrueTemp+


Luxtron Fiber Optic Probes

Patented Fluoroptic Probes that are Chemically Resistant and Immune to Electromagnetic Interference

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