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WaveCapture FBG Analyzer System


Precise, Reliable, and Compact Spectral Analyzer for FBG Sensing

Advanced Energy's WaveCapture™ Analyzer Series offers excellent performance in real-world applications. Its innovative high-efficiency optical design provides excellent wavelength repeatability, resolution, long-term stability, ultra-low power consumption, sub-ms response time, no moving parts, and lifetime calibration. The WaveCapture FBG Analyzer is field-proven, with thousands of units serving as the heart of FBG sensing systems worldwide.


  • Compact, card-mountable design
  • Excellent wavelength repeatability and resolution
  • Ultra-fast response time (up to 5 kHz) with USB 2.0 or Ethernet
  • Hermetically sealed
  • Stable over wide ambient temperature and humidity ranges
  • Proven in the field with thousands of units shipped


  • Minimize FBG sensor errors and drift with the high-performance analyzer
  • Leverage the high-speed measurements in a wide range of applications
  • Use in harsh environments with no maintenance or recalibration required
  • Enables portable operation with the compact FBG interrogator design


Operational temperature range (°C): -5 to 75
Wavelength Range (nm): 1510 to 1590
Optical Interface: FC/APC connector (or specified)
Wavelength Readout Resolution (pm): 1
Number of Channels: 1
Accuracy: +/-5 pm
Noise (°C): 1 pm
Measurement Rate (Hz): 1 Hz to 5 kHz
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