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Ultrafast, RF-synchronized Tuning to Multi-Level Pulse States

The NavX™ matching network redefines tuning speed, sophistication, and RF synchronization for exacting plasma control across the most complex pulsing profiles. Its groundbreaking Advanced Selectable Tuning controls allow accelerated analysis for impedance matching to your chosen number of process pulse states. This proprietary algorithm instantly reduces reflected power in processes with shorter RF on times. Paired with the eVerest™ generator, NavX completes AE’s latest RF delivery system, enabling unparalleled control of plasma characteristics as the industry sets its sights on Angstrom scale geometries. 


  • Advanced Selectable Tuning enables impedance maching to single or multiple pulse states. 
  • Direct synchronization with the eVerest RF generator accelerates tuning speed and eliminates delays associated with separate match communications. 
  • Hardware and algorithm tuning while processng: AE's proprietary Velocity Tuning algorithm enables ultrafast tuning in pulsing steps. 
  • The NavX + eVerest RF delivery system's ±10% frequency range enables faster tuning and access to a wider impedance range. 
  • Improved sensor calibration minimizes unit-to-unit deviation for better repeatability. 


  • Enhanced repeatability, yield, and throughput
  • Precise control of plasma characteristics
  • Increased process parameter customization
  • Optimized response speed for control during rapid pulse sequences
  • Expanded access to new energy regimes through scalable pulse states


Cooling: Air or Water
Output Frequency (MHz, kHz): 1MHz to 60 MHz
Input Voltage (V): 24 VDC
Power Level (kW): 1 to 10 kW
Communications Interface: EtherCAT, Ethernet, RS-232
Advanced Features: Multi Level Pulsing, Advanced Selectable Tuning, ± 10% frequency range
Process Applications: Etch, PECVD, PVD, PEALD, ALE
Compliance: CE, Semi S2

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