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MSP Series


Ultra-Low Ripple, Multi-Purpose, Precision Mass Spectrometry Power Supplies

Advanced Energy’s MSP series features high-stability, unipolar source modules that perform reliably in short-circuit or arc conditions. They deliver positive or negative output voltages. And you can use an internal potentiometer, external voltage, or external potentiometer to set. The modular design of our high voltage products enables advanced performance features. From simple options, such as cable length and connector type, to complete custom designs, our solutions can expertly fulfill your specific requirements.


  • Choice of four different models; customer-defined derivatives upon request
  • Ultra-low ripple (as low as 10 mV)
  • Input DC noise rejection filter
  • Modular design; available with either positive or negative output polarity
  • Efficient and reliable operation


  • Ensure the best resolution via low ripple
  • Deliver consistent performance over extended periods of operation with low drift
  • Reduce system integration costs with robust design and input-signal-noise tolerance
  • Meet specific mass spectrometry requirements with a small high voltage power supply
  • Achieve high reliability and performance


Output Power (W): 10
Ripple (ppm): <4
Maximum Output Current (A): 0.01
Output Current Range (mA): 0.4 to 10
Output Voltage Range (V): 1000 to 20000

Stock Check

Model Number Control Type Max Output Power (W) Max Output Voltage (V) Number of Outputs Ripple (ppm) Temperature Coefficient Output Type Samples Buy
MSP-103 Analog / Digital 10 10 1 4 25 Unipolar Contact Us Contact Us
MSP-153 Analog / Digital 10 15 1 4 25 Unipolar Contact Us Contact Us
MSP-203 Analog / Digital 10 20 1 4 25 Unipolar Contact Us Contact Us
MSP-502 Analog / Digital 10 5 1 4 25 Unipolar Contact Us Contact Us

Technical Documentation

Technical Videos


Model MSP Series MSRF Series MSRZ Series
Output Power (W) 10 1.25 to 3.2 3.2
Ripple (ppm) <4 <50 <15
Output Voltage Range (V) 1000 to 20000 ±2500 to ±10000 ±1000 to ±10000

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