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MSRF Series


Reversible, Fast-Switching, Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry Power Supply

Advanced Energy’s MSRF series power supply is ideal for quadrupole mass spectrometer sample ionization and ion detector applications. The MSRF series power supply offers a variety of performance features such as fast, reversible zero-crossing switching, which includes source and sync-ability. Application-specific custom designs are offered, and options include varying cable length and connector types.


  • One standard model and built-to-order variations available
  • Fast polarity reversal speed: 20 ms (5 kV unit) with low ripple: < 50 ppm (10 kV unit)
  • Differential programming input
  • Screened case for low magnetic radiation
  • Choice of four models; customer-defined derivatives upon request


  • Benefit from polarity reversal speed, which is ideal for quadrupole ion source and ion detector applications
  • Utilize a small footprint and high voltage capabilities
  • Equip your operation with fast reversing speed, high stability, and repeatability over long working periods
  • Select only needed high voltage capabilities and reduce costs


Output Power (W): 1.25 to 3.2
Ripple (ppm): <50
Maximum Output Current (A): 0.0005
Slew Rate (V/ms): -
Output Current Range (mA): 0.3 to 0.5
Output Voltage Range (V): ±2500 to ±10000

Stock Check

Model Number
Control Type Max Output Power (W) Max Output Voltage (V) Number of Outputs Ripple (ppm) Temperature Coefficient Output Type Samples Buy
MSRF-103 Active, Contact Us Analog / Digital 3 10 Multiple 50 25 Reversible Contact Us Buy

Technical Documentation

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Model MSRF Series MSP Series
Output Power (W) 1.25 to 3.2 10
Ripple (ppm) <50 <4
Output Voltage Range (V) ±2500 to ±10000 1000 to 20000

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