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Intelligent Transfer Switch


Up To 24000 W

Advanced Energy's Artesyn Intelligent Transfer Switch (iTS™) is designed for any application needing power switched to different loads during a 24 hour period (i.e. Horticulture, Burn-in, Test and Measurement, etc.). Advanced Energy’s Intelligent Transfer Switch has a built-in PSU to supply power to the relays and MCU module. It is designed to operate with 2 phases of a 3-PH input mains up to 480 VAC nominal, or standard Phase and Neutral of single-phase mains.


  • 100% digital control
  • 5 years manufacturer's warranty
  • Designed for use with iHP and LCM4000 product families
  • Digital communication via RS485 (ModbusRTU)
  • Modular 8 channel A:B switch
  • MTBF 400K hours per Telecordia SR332 Method 1 Case 4, Part Stress
  • Standard 19" rack
  • Up to 16 racks are addressable from one control node
  • Input Voltage - Control 186-480 Vac Nominal; 1 or 2 phase
  • Input Voltage - Relay Module 250V nominal contact rating per module
  • Input Current - Relay Module 25A max contact rating per module
  • Input Frequency - Control 50/60 Hz Nominal
  • # of Relay Modules Up to 8
  • Relay Coil from Control 12Vdc @ 1A for up to 8 relay modules (96W max)
  • FAULT_1 (OUTPUT) Low asserted to trigger fault if coil voltage >5V
  • FAULT_2 (OUTPUT) Low asserted to trigger if outputs A and B active
  • EMC/IMMUNITY EN61000-4-X (see datasheet)
  • Primary-to-EARTH 2500Vdc
  • Primary-to-Secondary 2500Vdc
  • Secondary-to-Earth 2500Vdc
  • 19 changeable from front to back


  • Cloud based User configurable GUI
  • Configurable baud rate
  • Field upgradeable firmware
  • Intelligent zero current switching when used with Artesyn devices
  • Natural convection cooled (No Fan)
  • Reversable mounting tabs
  • PRESENT (OUTPUT) Low asserted if relay module present
  • Drive_A (INPUT) High asserted to drive relay to A position
  • Drive_B (INPUT) High asserted to drive relay to B position
  • SGND (OUTPUT) Digital ground reference for MCU


Output Power (W): 24000
Length (Inches): 12.6
Width (Inches): 17.6
Height (Inches): 3.15
Mounting Type: Configurable
Minimum Output Current (A): 0
Maximum Output Current (A): 200
Minimum Output Power (W): 0
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